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Introducing a new non-government organization venture designed to help bring additional technology into public schools. The Alliance for Public School Technology Resources is forming as a non-profit that will accept in-kind donations in the form of computers and technology that can be retrofitted for use in public school settings.

This organization has global links, so the different tiers and technology levels can be maximized and technology refitted for implementation in the locales that have the appropriate need for the right level of technology.

As a non-profit the organization receives in-kind donations as a charitable and tax-deductible donation according to the market value established for the technology donated.

Our goal for classrooms is described in a brief Blended Teaching Orientation, we'd like to help empower educators to make this possible in public school settings.

If you are representing a school or a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and you would like to benefit from our services; or if you are seeking to start the process of in-kind donations as a business, please email Corey@dxed.org.

Crowdsource Representation:

If you represent a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) or public education organization, APSTR will offer a platform for crowdsource fundraising as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution. APSTR is tasked with fundraising for technology related projects and for the provision of technology in public school settings, and we offer this fundraising platform for either public not-for-profit schools or other non-profit NGO groups who may require financial representation and recognition.

If you are interested in creating a crowdfund campaign for your public school group or other non-profit venture, please reach out to Corey@dxed.org


In-Kind Technology Donations will be Accepted,

Tax-Deductible Receipts will be Provided

To Arrange an In-Kind Donation Please Write Corey@dxed.org

Financial Donations are Also Accepted and Will Be Used to Help Make Technology more Accessible to Public Schools and 501(c)(3) Organizations Supporting Public Schools. Donations Are Tax-Deductible.

Please Reference Federal Employer Identification Number #47-2297503

Alliance for Public School Technology Resources

Our Business Filings are Available for Public Inspection by Clicking Here with Google Docs.

Additional Information

This campaign is being offered in order to help public schools and found a new Non Government Organization (NGO), to support public education through technology in both The United States and international contexts.

Our tax-exempt status is approved as a private foundation non-profit organization 501(c)(3), we're gearing up and beginning our marketing for in-kind donations as well as financial donations. If you're interested in donating in-kind technology items please contact Corey@dxed.org, if you'd like to donate monetarily please click the donations button above on this page.

A substantial donation will be considered as a possible intent to join the board, through the perks system, and a $10 donation tells me that you would like to help contribute to the development of our targets as a support organization. This will be handled through our survey and e-mail list campaign above.

More information about my credentials and effort as one of the founders of this NGO is available at http://www.linkedin.com/in/model299

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Thank you for your consideration,

S. Corey Hixson

Alliance for Public School Technology Resources