My Story (Thus Far)

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My story as an educator in Jefferson County, Colorado began as a student at a public and democratic school here. The truth of my story is that it has asked me to adapt, through understanding society by leaving it, to returning to society to share the message of resilience.

This web page is a resource for teachers and also a place to learn about my book "Left-Handed in Jefferson County, CO: Resilience and Stigma in Education". Clicking the link will direct you to the open query page.

Throughout my journey developing this work I have written many assignments, and studied life. Jefferson County Open School taught me that I did not need to be in a classroom to learn. I have also created a manuscript containing academic citations and research in order to help and develop meaningful learning and I continue to build a system of professional development that is based on this web site. Clicking the visible-learning tab will direct you to the professional development resources.
My story is an adventure through time, and not a tragedy, because I have had heroes as a part of my life who were educators. My only social support has always been my school, and through a sense of agapean love or the "it takes a village to raise a child" concept in education, I have succeeded in facing very difficult opposition from the larger forces in power in our state.

I find that having good educators who were prepared to be supportive and to be a part of my life was most responsible for my resilience and eventually for my passion for the empowerment of the larger community.

On this web space you will find many resources that describe democratic education, as well as some of my own research about creating meaningful learning and education. There are also many other resources for understanding innovation in education.

I hope that you find this information useful, as I feel it describes my strategy for learning to love society and for nurturing empowerment for young people in the community.

In the future, please look for the book that I am writing to share this wonderful story of survival, disillusionment, and eventual reform, and recovery as a part of a nurturing society and public school.

Also, as a person who is learning to train teachers, take a look at my teaching portfolio site which contains a number of things I learned from students and educators as a part of the Jefferson County Open School community in Colorado. The application primarily only functions well as an app. Here are the links to the app: Learnist in the iTunes store, Learnist for Android. The link to the exhibit is here but after recent developments that hindered will only open in the application. Social Engagement as Self-Transcendence: Education, Culture, and Altruism.

Writing Update:

I've written an introduction and three chapters so far, and I'm looking at the volumes of evidence I have for this combination of constructivism and transpersonal theory in a blended learning environment. While the book focuses on the experience of being in the Jefferson County Schools environment and the antecedents of social judgment and judgeability, the solutions presented are grounded in evidence from these two theories that promote socially and cognitively engaged teaching through the encouragement of epistemic engagement and the development of communities of inquiry. I have also created academic support and research for this project, the research manuscript is available for preview through Google Docs, downloading the scholarly manuscript fixes many display format errors as well.

For the larger work I have created a structure for each chapter, starting with experience growing up JeffCo, moving toward a visit with the research that is related to the experience, and then summarizing a synthesis of the experience and the research at the end of each chapter.

It has been exciting to write so far, I imagine it will be exciting to read. I have three sections of evidence: Cultural, motivational, and educational. So I'm pretty stoked about how the research is organized and how the introduction begins the process.

NGO and Business Update:
The Alliance for Public School Technology Resources d/b/a APSTR has become a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit and has made much progress. I have also founded a computer technology services company Rare Earth Computing, for details see the related website.

      With Gratitude,      

S. Corey Hixson